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Imran Hosen. Dotalearn

Imran Hosen Imon

Founder & Editor (ShareASale Affiliate ID:- 2897266)


About Me? I am the founder and the main instructor here at Sitemalgor. With true ambition, I try my best to Create and Publish the best quality tutorials and content related to Digital Marketing & Online Business.



I’m a Bangladeshi. Leave in Dhaka. I created this Site back in July. My expectation is big for my site in near future. I’m currently single and studying Computer science. I’m looking forward to making my website a brand. To do that I must be focused and patient about my goal & provide value to my audience.


Sitemalgor. New form of Dotalearn.

I love to take the challenge of daily life in order to get success in all basses of life with true passion. Currently, I’m an Affiliate at ShareASale, and managing Sitemalgor.


How to Create a Skills Matrix for Success | Competency Matrix

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • MS Office
  • Marketing
  • Graphics Designing

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