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Grammarly VS Trinka. Which is better?

Welcome into the battle of the 2 most used grammar checker tools. Yes, it’s Grammarly vs Trinka time. If you’re familiar with writing online for blogs or articles, then you must hear of Grammarly & Trinka. These two are the most popular tools that people use in their daily work bases. If you ever run into a decision to make between Grammarly & Trinka, then read this comparison till the end. So stay with this Grammarly vs Trinka battle.

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Some quick pros and cons:-

Table showing pros and cons of Grammarly VS Trinka

This article will compare the 2 services to help readers choose the service they want to use.

1.  Auto spelling mistake detector

This feature helps to find Spelling mistakes from your article or blog to correct them automatically. This is an extraordinary feature to have. Both Grammarly & Trinka has this particular feature.

The user interface of Grammarly is better than Trinka in this case.




2. Extension Support

You will get extra extension support in Grammarly as soon as you Sign up for free. But you won’t get that in Trinka. As a result, if you can write your content on your website directly. You first need to write it in the Trinka dashboard then you can copy that.

If you are looking for a grammar tool with an extension then must use Grammarly.



3. Word Limit

Between Grammarly & Trinka, Grammarly provides more value than Trinka by providing an unlimited Word limit. Trinka has a good 10000 word/month limit in the free plane. Which pretty enough. But considering the usage of the tool Grammarly is definitely Better than Trinka.


4. Individual Awards

Grammarly has ”Great User experience Award of 2018”

Trinka Has no Awards yet.

5. Integrations


  • Facebook
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Flamory
  • Github
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Others


  • Not integration except its own dashboard


6. Available Devices


  • Windows ✅
  • MacOS✅
  • Linux ❌
  • Android✅
  • IOS✅


  • Windows ✅
  • MacOS✅
  • Linux ❌
  • Android❌
  • IOS❌

Now you know what to choose.

Honestly both Grammarly & Trinka are awesome tools for writing articles and other stuff. You can choose anyone by your requirements. From my suggestion, I prefer Grammarly to Trinka.

Hope this article helped you choose between Grammarly & Trinka.

If you have any questions, simply comment down below! 


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