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How To Restore WordPress From Backup Simple

Your WordPress website might be crashed or might have gotten into an error. You are desperate to solve it. Your only trust is your Backup. You are looking to find a way to restore your WordPress from backup that you made before your website got damaged. The same thing happen to me 3 days ago. I just turned off my plugins and boom my website got crashed. Fortunately, I knew what need to do. Now I will revise what I did and what you need to do to restore your WordPress from backup. So, Let’s get into it.

#1. Ready Your Backup. So that you can restore WordPress from backup

You should have the backup of your WordPress files and your Database. If you had a backup from Updraft or All-In-One-Migration, Then your complete backup has the database in it. So, No tension at all. The Point is

  • Have a Backup that has both WordPress And Database In it. So that you can restore WordPress from backup.

#2. Install A Fresh WordPress

You have to create a new WordPress site from your Hosting provider by using cPanel or whatever your Panel is. Follow the given instructions to install fresh WordPress.

#Go to your cPanel And Choose Software Installer. ( CONTACT Your Hosting Provider For Any Help)

WordPress Install

#Chose WordPress For The Installation.


Installation is as usual simple. You Can Easily Install WordPress by putting in your New Login Details. Don’t Forget To install the WordPress version that your website previously had. Example:- If your crashed website had WordPress 5.8.1 Then Install the WordPress Version 5.8.1. That means installing the previous WordPress Version that your website had.

# log in to your new WordPress dashboard And install and activate a plugin Called “All-In-One-Wp Migretion”


# Go to the import Section in that Plugin

Restore WordPress from Backup

You can see that the upload limit is 1GB. But your Might Be lower than your Backup Size. If that happens you need to Install And Activate a plugin called “Big File Upload“. Then Go to its settings and set your required size.

#Go back to your import section again and upload the backup file that you will need to restore WordPress from Backup

# Waite some moment to upload it and click “Proceed” Now it will restore all the files from that backup. In the end, click “Finish”. You may need to log in to your previous WordPress dashboard with older Login Details. Everything will restore as before. One thing that you need to do after complete is set the “permalinks”

That’s How You Can Restore WordPress From Backup.

Hope you are now able to restore WordPress from backup. Best of luck to you all. And this is the same thing that I Did for my own website to restore my WordPress from backup

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