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How To Start A YouTube Channel For Beginners

YouTube Channel is the biggest video streaming platform in the world. With over 2.3Billion user and almost uncountable number of videos, it has also become a great career building platform. Now days almost every one want to be an influencer. And the perfect place to begin with is non-other than YouTube.

Firstly, this article will help you to start a new YouTube channel from scratch! Keep reading till the end.

Why you should Start with YouTube?

Firstly, the short answer is, It is the place where you can grow your influence and become more comfortable with people.

Secondly, you can start earning money from it.

Thirdly, your time will be more valuable.

Lastly, you will have a opportunity to change your future by becoming a Influencer.

By the way, if you want more to know about it then check the article down bellow with recommendation.

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  • A new Google Account

  • Logo for you YouTube Channel

  • Banner for your YouTube Channel

Step#1. Create a Google Account.

You may already know that YouTube belongs to Google. And You can’t start a YouTube Channel without it.

Firstly, In order to create a new google account you need to go to this link: CREAT GOOGLE ACCOUNT 

Create youtube channel for beginners

Secondly, fill all the information that requires and press ”Next”.

Create youtube channel for beginners

It may ask for your phone number. But if it’s optional then you can leave it blank. Once it filled, Select the Birthdate ( You need to select at lest 18 years) , Gender. Lastly, press ”Next”, and Agree the ”Privacy and Terms”.

Booyah!!  your Google account will be created successfully.

Step#2. Create the YouTube account.

Most importantly, the Google account You need to Setup the YouTube Channel.

1.First Go to: HTTPS://YOUTUBE.COM

Once its load, click on the top right corner on your logo.

Create youtube channel for beginners

2. Secondly, ”Create A Channel

Create youtube channel for beginners

3. Lastly, Upload your Logo and Give a Name of your YouTube channel. And Press ”Create Channel

Now You Started a new YouTube Channel!!!


 What’s NEXT With YouTube?

Most importantly, after You have created a YouTube channel, You Need to publish your content Start Progressing in your New Influencer career.

Moreover, the time and effort that you will give in it, you will see your progress more quickly.

To how to do that, We will keep  Publishing YouTube related article In Sha Allah.

If you have any kind of suggestion or question then please ask it in comment down bellow ⏬⏬⏬⏬

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