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Is WordPress Easy In 2022? Thing That Should Know.

WordPress is the No.1 recommendation till 2021. Hopefully, it will be forever. It’s a platform where people create their website in minutes. From Noob to Pro almost every website owner uses WordPress. But the ultimate question that people ask is, is WordPress easy to use or easy to learn? Let’s find it out.

Is WordPress Easy To Use Or Easy To Learn?

Well since WordPress was developed, It was a gold mine for the non-coder or causal users who wanted to publish or create their website. And yes it is easy to use till now for those who have some basic knowledge of the Internet and websites. A causal business owner would need to learn some of the basics of WordPress and Its own PHP script to solve some of its common errors. So Yes it will be simple as water if you give it some time to learn its basics. Or simply, you can hire a WordPress Developer for extremely cheap.

What Are The Basics Of WordPress?

I said it previously that there are some basics that you should learn. And these are:-

  • Menu Navigation
  • Key Features
  • Plugins
  • Somewhat PHP

Now I’m not gonna cover all of this stuff in this post. I will give the introduction of these.

Navigation Menu

Is WordPress Easy? Sitemalgor

This is the main menu of the WordPress dashboard of your website. Here you will find different navigation including Theme, Plugins, Settings, etc.


Plugin tab in Sitemalgor

A plugin is like an app or 3rd party software that you can use to improve your features or usability. You have some plugins that can improve the speed of your website. But in that case, you have to know the right way to use them.

For whom Is WordPress?

WordPress is for those who don’t have coding or programming knowledge that much and are happy with the interface that WordPress has. Although you might get into some problems sometimes when you don’t know about PHP. BTW, PHP is the coding language that is used to build databases and WordPress. But you can still use WordPress without PHP knowledge.

What I Personally Use?

Since I’m a handy web and WordPress developer, it is hard for to me use something else than WordPress like Drupal or JoomlaI use WordPress for my personal blog site

Conclusion:- Is WordPress Easy?

After all of these, it’s clear that you can use WordPress even if you have zero knowledge of coding. But you may need to know about PHP and learn the basics of it.

Or simply you can hire a WordPress developer On Fiverr For Extremely Cheap or contact me for any help. So, if you ask me is WordPress easy, then my answer will be Yes it is easy as long as you are compatible with the basics of the internet.

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