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Why is YouTube becoming a great career platform?

Always had dreams of a job where there were no rules, and you could let your imagination run wild and free?

Well, there is a perfect way to fulfil such a dream: YouTube

YouTube – sounds familiar, right? It is one of the leading social media platforms and has taken the world of Internet by a storm. A platform that provides you with the golden opportunity to ‘make it big’, show the world your concealed creative side and express your opinions at a global level.

With the world becoming digitised by the second and the boom of smartphones, this red and white play button has given birth to a new profession – The YouTuber

Ever wondered what is it that they do or how they made a career in it?

And the biggest question of all that I am sure would be boggling your mind –


Youtube career

Can You Really Build a Career Through YouTube?

Yes, why not? YouTubing is one of the most upcoming and promising careers in contemporary times. It is a field that offers tremendous scope for growth and other benefits such as flexibility of work, the ability to express yourself, opportunities to showcase your creativity, and a shot at earning popularity and fame.

While it may not be a full-time career option right off the bat, but over time you can make it your profession like the many other YouTubers before you.

There are several ways you can earn money as a YouTuber. Some of them are:


  • Becoming a YouTube Partner and Monetizing Videos: After you have established your channel and have a decent amount of subscribers, you’ll get an option to become a partner with YouTube. This will enable you to earn revenue by allowing YouTube to add advertisements before and during your videos. So every time a viewer views the advertisement featured on your video, you earn a certain amount of money.


  • Collaborating with Brands: When you have a good fan base and a net market value, brands will offer you to collaborate with them to feature their products in your videos. In exchange, you will get a fee and some added benefits. You can use your image and persuasion skills to your advantage, so that both you and the brand benefit.


  • Selling Merchandise: It is also common for YouTubers to collaborate with brands to come up with their own line of merchandise. This includes T-shirts, pens, makeup and beauty products, clothing lines, etc. This is a great way to promote yourself as a brand while simultaneously generating revenue.


Youtube gives you the golden opportunity to build a career out of something you love. There are several examples of YouTubers who started out small but due to their immense talent and hard work are doing really well for themselves.

This brings us to our next question.

How to start with YouTube?

Well that another content in DotaLearn. Stay with us.

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